Hello and Welcome!

Hello! I’m about 14.5 weeks pregnant and started this blog to document all of the oddities that are happening to me for the enjoyment of my friends and family (and anyone else out there who wants to know). I named the blog “Strawberry Cravings” because in the beginning of my pregnancy strawberries were the ONLY thing that sounded good. (and unfortunately for me, they’re out of season, not very tasty this time of year, and pretty expensive)

Just to get caught up:

Number of times I’ve thrown up: 2
Number of times I’ve almost thrown up: hundreds
Most offensive smell: garlic / garlic breath
Favorite thing(s) to do: lay on the couch, take naps, eat
Current craving (or should I say obsession?): watermelon
(I sent $3.50 on a small tub of fruit salad on my way to work today because it had 4 pieces of watermelon on top.)

Foods I’ve craved so far: strawberries, cherries, grapes, celery with cream cheese, strawberry sundaes, fudgsicles, pears, popcorn with real butter, salmon the way my dad cooks it, muffins from a certain bakery (at 4:45 am), chicken strips with BBQ sauce…nothing too out of the ordinary so far.

Foods I really enjoy eating: string cheese, cheez-its, taco salads, fruit, ice cream


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