16 weeks!

I’m finally starting to have a big enough belly that when I show people they don’t laugh and say, “You don’t have a belly! I have a bigger belly than you!” (Seriously, that’s happened a handful of times.) Our next midwife appointment is this week. After that one, I’m going to finally announce the news on my other blog.

Haven’t had any strong cravings lately…oh, except deviled eggs…and homemade guacamole (thanks to Rachel’s yummy recipe)…and toasted bagels with butter. I made some deviled eggs for Easter and scarfed down a bunch of the rejects as I was putting the nice ones on my darling egg plate. They were good! I want more. It’s funny because I couldn’t stomach eggs for a long time and now I’m always wanting them (but not scrambled for some reason).

All this talk about food is making me hungry…


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