buttons of the belly

My belly button is so totally gonna pop out at some point. It’s already at least half way to the surface. I’m excited to see it again…it’s been a long time.

If you want the background on that (and why would you? but I’m going to tell it anyway)…I used to have a totally normal belly button. I actually thought it was quite cute. Then I had to wear a back brace for my scoliosis for a few years, which was like a giant corset. At the end of that time, my stomach skin had been squished together for so long that my belly button turned into a little slit. Then as I widened over the years it became a deep innie. You could really stick a good fingertip in there. Now it’s starting to look like it used to and that makes me happy, even if it’s only temporary. Maybe after I’m pregnant it will look more normal again like in the good ol’ days. ??? And then again, maybe it will just disappear back into the recesses of my tummy.


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