high chair love

high chair love

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My weekend was a roller coaster of estate and church rummage sales. Friday on my way home from work I found that adorable vintage high chair at a rummage sale for only $15! (For those of you who don’t read my more personal livejournal blog and might not know…we’re expecting a baby in September!) Saturday I was super excited about a giant sale full of kids/baby/maternity stuff, only to be completely overwhelmed when I got there. I picked out a few unisex clothes, then decided I didn’t love any of them enough to wait in a 30+ minute long line on a beautiful sunny day. Feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of that one, I went to FOUR other rummage sales and came home completely empty handed! I guess I used up all my good sale karma for the weekend on the high chair! 🙂


2 thoughts on “high chair love

  1. I love it! It’s so much more fun to buy cool second hand things thatn to just go to the store like everyone else. I just got a cool bike from craigslist that I fixed up 🙂

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