Snap Dragon Memories

These snap dragons are the only plants that manage to survive my horrible gardening skills year after year. When I was younger and would visit my grandparents I would follow my grammy around the garden in the evening as she watered all of her plants. She always had a bunch of snap dragons and I would amuse myself by making them “talk”. (Something I still do today.) Snap dragons always remind me of her. She did a watercolor for me as a graduation gift and I have it hanging next to my bed (along with some of my other favorite things to wake up and see). It’s a painting of some snap dragons in a pot that I made her in high school pottery (that probably weighs a good 5 lbs!). 


Crafty Weekend!

Wanna have a crafty weekend? Here are some fun events you might enjoy!

This Saturday, May 31st from 12-4pm: Grand Opening Party for the new Collage at 4429 SE Woodstock! 
Make a free micro collage magnet with Nicole Cipriano. They’re also having a raffle of 100 goodie bags!I went in yesterday to check it out and it’s FULL of great art and craft supplies!!
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Then on Sunday, June 1st from 12-3pm: Craft Magazine issue 07 release party! Hosted by Susan Beal and Sister Diane at Twisted, 2310 NE Broadway. Come for hands-on craft demos, subscription deals, prizes and fun!

Tuesday ramblings

It’s amazing how 13 extra pounds makes walking up hills so much more tiring!

Here’s a funny hormones story for you from a couple weeks ago. Q asked me if I wanted to watch our newest Netflix arrival. I said, “What’s it about?” And he said, “It’s about a little girl who gets kidnapped.” And I started crying (!!) and said, “Of course I don’t want to watch that!”

new favorite snack: yogurt with mandarin orange slices mixed in

T’ai Chi for 1,000






Whether you are practiced at t’ai chi or this would be your first opportunity to try it – your attendance is requested at what is sure to be a very special event.

T’ai Chi for 1,000
This Saturday – May 31 – from 10 – 11:30am
South Waterfront Park – SW Moody at Curry (Portland, OR)
Rain or Shine
Dress for the weather and wear clothing that allows comfortable movement

This is the culminating event of Horatio Hung-Yan Law’s project China-on-Willamette for the South Waterfront Artist-in-Residence Program (AiR).


24 weeks!

24 weeks
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We’ve reached 6 months! Wow! The time is flying by. This weekend I worked on cleaning out the baby’s closet a bit and we picked up some paint chips, but didn’t quite find the color I have in mind. I’m thinking a light aqua with white trim. I’ve already picked out some of the artwork that we have around the house that I think will look cute in there (mostly pinks and greens).

We listened to some classical music today. My daily calendar said that her hearing is fully formed, that she can distinguish between different types of music, and that classical is her favorite! (How they know that is beyond me.) I only have one classical cd so I put some others on hold at the library. I love the library.

Speaking of music, we listen to lots of jazz (among other things) in the car. I’m hoping to cultivate a little jazz nerd and future Harry Connick, Jr. fan. 😉 She “danced” a lot to Jamie Cullum the other day and seems to like “No One” by Alicia Keys (but may just be objecting to my singing!) – but this all may be coincidental – maybe that’s what I happen to be listening to while she’s moving around.

Most recent pregnancy side effect: waking up with a leg cramp

Latest food obsession: tuna sandwiches

23 weeks!

23 weeks!
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Here’s a belly photo for 23 weeks. There’s no hiding it now!

If you’re wondering why my hair is so big…My friend Cathy had a birthday prom and a bunch of us went and got beehives. It was great fun and I miss mine already. Having a pregnant belly and a beehive made me feel like the 60’s housewife version of myself.

I’ve managed to catch a cold and am looking forward to an evening on the couch. Q is out and I wish I could somehow convince our dog Annie to get me some food from the kitchen.

self portrait with beehive

self portrait with beehive

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A bunch of ladies got beehives this afternoon for Cathy’s prom birthday party tonight! The ladies at the salon have worked there for years and years and said they used to have lots of customers who would come in for their weekly beehives. How cute! I wish I could have stayed to photograph everyone pre and post hive, but the ones I did get to see are on my flickr. Photos of the prom to come soon…I have a giant puffy dress!

Saturday ramblings

According to my daily calendar, the baby is about the length and weight of a football! Woah! My waist is now 6″ larger than it’s normal size. I haven’t weighed myself lately, but have been told I sometimes waddle. It’s strange to have all this extra weight hanging off your front. The baby has been moving around a lot and I amused myself last night by watching my stomach move up and down like a field in an earthquake. I wish I had x-ray vision so I could see what she was going in there! I always ask her, but she doesn’t answer.

Today is my friend’s prom birthday party. A bunch of us are going to get beehive hairdos! I’ll try to remember to take my belly photo with my beehive this afternoon. I had some trouble finding a prom dress that fit a pregnant belly, but after a lot of frustrating shopping outings managed to score a big fluffy dress that makes me look enormous! Photos to come later!

I’m surviving our first heat wave of the year – a little glimpse into how the summer might feel. Yesterday was 95+ and I was out showing property all day. The heat didn’t bother me too much until night time when our house was all stuffy and I couldn’t cool off.