Saturday ramblings

According to my daily calendar, the baby is about the length and weight of a football! Woah! My waist is now 6″ larger than it’s normal size. I haven’t weighed myself lately, but have been told I sometimes waddle. It’s strange to have all this extra weight hanging off your front. The baby has been moving around a lot and I amused myself last night by watching my stomach move up and down like a field in an earthquake. I wish I had x-ray vision so I could see what she was going in there! I always ask her, but she doesn’t answer.

Today is my friend’s prom birthday party. A bunch of us are going to get beehive hairdos! I’ll try to remember to take my belly photo with my beehive this afternoon. I had some trouble finding a prom dress that fit a pregnant belly, but after a lot of frustrating shopping outings managed to score a big fluffy dress that makes me look enormous! Photos to come later!

I’m surviving our first heat wave of the year – a little glimpse into how the summer might feel. Yesterday was 95+ and I was out showing property all day. The heat didn’t bother me too much until night time when our house was all stuffy and I couldn’t cool off.


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