24 weeks!

24 weeks
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We’ve reached 6 months! Wow! The time is flying by. This weekend I worked on cleaning out the baby’s closet a bit and we picked up some paint chips, but didn’t quite find the color I have in mind. I’m thinking a light aqua with white trim. I’ve already picked out some of the artwork that we have around the house that I think will look cute in there (mostly pinks and greens).

We listened to some classical music today. My daily calendar said that her hearing is fully formed, that she can distinguish between different types of music, and that classical is her favorite! (How they know that is beyond me.) I only have one classical cd so I put some others on hold at the library. I love the library.

Speaking of music, we listen to lots of jazz (among other things) in the car. I’m hoping to cultivate a little jazz nerd and future Harry Connick, Jr. fan. šŸ˜‰ She “danced” a lot to Jamie Cullum the other day and seems to like “No One” by Alicia Keys (but may just be objecting to my singing!) – but this all may be coincidental – maybe that’s what I happen to be listening to while she’s moving around.

Most recent pregnancy side effect: waking up with a leg cramp

Latest food obsession: tuna sandwiches


One thought on “24 weeks!

  1. We went to a Harry Connick Jr. concert when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant. Parker kicked like crazy through the whole concert!

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