Crocs Kneeler … and some fashion tips!

Now, I’m going to speak frankly for a minute. I personally find Crocs clogs to be the most horrible fashion statement ever, unless you’re in your garden. Granted, I’ve never tried a pair on and although I imagine they’re very comfortable, some fashion trends are better left untouched. (I’ll still be your friend if you wear them, though. I’m not that shallow.) My biggest horror was seeing them on the feet of American tourists on our last trip to France. I thought about suggesting they just grab a Big Mac and eat it while walking down the street. (The French sit down to eat. You rarely see anyone walking and eating…unless they’re visitors.) I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not at the height of fashion and I do like to have comfortable feet while traveling, but I do have a few fashion tips for my fellow Americans who plan to travel to Paris. Mainly, don’t wear white tennis shoes (or Croqs!) and leave your rhinestone American flag baseball cap and matching sweatshirt at home (unless you want to attract pickpockets).  When in doubt, wear black. But I’ve grossly digressed from the point of this post. No matter how awful I find their footwear as fashion, the new Crocs Kneeler looks fantastic (and it comes in hot pink!). No more sore knees while gardening, bathing your pets and/or kids, or doing any fabric cutting or craft projects that require kneeling on the floor! 


2 thoughts on “Crocs Kneeler … and some fashion tips!

  1. Just for the record, my lime green Crocs were a gift (blame Beth) and I only wear them for yard work or to take Winnie out to poop. I hope we can still be friends.

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