week 26

We had another midwife appointment last week. The baby’s heartbeat was great, my uterus measured where it’s supposed to, and my weight gain is on target. All in all, things are going really well so far. Let’s hope that just keeps on keepin’ on.

She does this new move that makes me feel like I’m being tickled from the inside. Sometimes it even makes me giggle out loud. Other times I say, “hee hee” in my head. 😉

I’ve done some mommy/baby shopping in the past couple days. I really needed some long pants to keep warm in this dreadful never-ending cold rainy weather we’re having. (I told the baby in the car on my way home that I bought some pants that fit both of us.) My sister-in-law sent me a box of cute maternity clothes (what an angel!), so I think I’m now pretty set with everything I have. I do need some new sandals, but can wait until it stops raining! I picked up some super cute things for the baby (photos to come soon).

My new favorite before-bed snack is peanut butter straight from the jar washed down by a nice cold glass of milk.


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