letterpress yard sale!


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I can’t get enough of the beauty of letterpressed paper goods. You can bet that I’m going to check out the Letterpress Yard Sale (migraine permitting) this Sunday!

Sunday, August 3rd from 11am-4pm
Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy, Portland, OR

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I just put my first ever load of tiny pink laundry in the wash! 🙂

Fashion Design Camp’s Fashion Show!

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 This Friday night is the third annual Youth Fashion Show with designs from this year’s Fashion Design Camp attendees. The campers, ages 8-16, will showcase their designs on the runway alongside many favorite local designers, including Kate Towers & Holly Stalder (the former owners of Seaplane), Elizabeth Dye of The English Department and Frocky Jack Morgan!

Friday, August 1st
Starts at 7:00pm
Doors open at 6:00pm

Melody Ballroom
615 S.E. Alder
Portland, OR

$10.00 in advance, $3 for kids 15 and under, $12.00 at the door
(order tickets online at fashiondesigncamp.com) or buy them at Seaplane (827 NW 23rd Ave, PDX)
Proceeds will benefit local children’s charities.

Baby Shower #1

with mom
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My lovely friends Catherine and Erica threw me a baby shower on Sunday. For this one we invited the ladies of my family, family friends, and a couple girlfriends who are friends with Catherine and Erica. (We’re having another one later with boys allowed hosted by the Super Crafties for our friends in Portland.) It was a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed seeing everybody. I hope they had fun too and didn’t mind being sandwiched in our living room! Catherine and Erica whipped up some very delicious food! (They’re both way better cooks than I am!)

The baby was spoiled with so many cute things…she’s going to be one stylish little lady! I had fun putting all of her new clothes and super cuddly blankets away last night (after I got over my 5 hour migraine. ouch). My mom and I are going to make thank you cards this weekend so I can start sending them out. Fun!

32 weeks!

32 weeks!
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I’m a little behind on my updating. This photo is from last week (although I happen to be wearing that same outfit today so I could have fooled you). Our midwife appointment last week went really well. She said I won the prize that day for the person whose uterus measured the closest to the amount of weeks pregnant I am. Yay me! The baby’s heartbeat was strong and sounded really good. She was in a head down position at the time and we got to feel her head. It didn’t seem too large or round so I was pleased about that. 😉

We had a fun weekend. My aunt, uncle, cousins, and their new dog spent a night with us. It was fun to hang out with them! They brought us a changing table/dresser that my cousin Madeline has outgrown. I can’t wait to get home and start organizing everything in the drawers! My friends also threw me a fun baby shower (which I’ll talk about in more detail later when I post the photos).

p.s. BBQ potato chips taste really good.
Still into tart lemonade, but mostly drink ice water.

a nice Saturday afternoon

Meghan and I went to the farmer’s market and PDX etsy sale on Sunday. I bought some fresh lavender that is sitting in my bathroom now and smells so yummy! Also picked up a couple lovely gifts…but I can’t share what they are yet. It was fun wandering around, looking at pretty things, and catching up with Meghan.

Fresh berries…handpicked by me!

My long standing summer dream of going berry picking was finally fulfilled last week! Cathy, Levi, and I headed down to a beautiful family farm in Canby where we picked blueberries, marionberries, and raspberries until the hot sun was too sizzling! I plan on eating the blueberries and raspberries and making a pie with the marions…I’ve never made a pie before so we’ll see how that goes! On the way home we stopped at Lew’s Drive In (this cute old hamburger joint from the 50s) with the intention of getting ice cream, but we ended up stuffing ourselves with tasty greasy food!

We’re hoping to have another berry picking adventure in a few weeks when the blueberries are more plentiful. Mmmmmm!

[my camera battery died on our outing…sorry I don’t have a photo for you!]

work in progress

new rocking chair
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We made some really good progress on the baby’s room today. The paint is finished and everything is cleared out except a desk we need to sell on craigslist (anyone want a desk?) and the filing cabinet that needs to be moved downstairs. I even started hanging her cute dresses and outfits in the closet.

I just bought that rocking chair the other day off craigslist – I think it will look nice with the crib we picked out. I need to find or make some cushions for it. The little umbrella in the background is going to be hung up in the corner…when we get to the full decorating stage! (I’m planning on hanging things on the wall once all the furniture is in place.) I have lots of cute art picked out for her room – a lot of it is stuff we already have that I think would look nice in there, but we did pick up a new axelhoney print at Compound for her during First Thursday. It’s purty.

I’ve never decorated a room from scratch before and it’s really fun! We’re hoping maybe next summer we can make our bedroom pretty.

Antique Expo recap!

sweet mice

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This weekend was the fabulous antique expo! My friends and I have a tradition of going and trying to make it through the whole thing…and enjoying a soft pretzel (which we actually didn’t have this time!). This summer expo is apparently the largest in the nation – it fills 3 exhibition halls plus an outside area with vendors. The outdoor booths have lots of great affordable stuff, while the fancier more collectible things tend to be inside. Luckily we made it through all the outdoor booths just as it was getting uncomfortably hot!

My new thing is to take pictures of things I like (and find interesting) instead of buying them…unless I feel like I have to have them! I really don’t need any more clutter in my house and am not a big fan of dusting anyway. Quentin appreciates this tactic as well!

There are more photos on my flickr…including a couple of the scariest thing I saw at the expo!