30 weeks!

30 weeks
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Quentin has painted two walls of the baby’s room so far! It’s more green in person than it looks in the photo, and it’s just the color I was wanting!

We bought our first “big” baby item this week. It’s an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper that I found on craigslist. It’s in great shape and was about half the price of the new ones. I feel a little more prepared now that she has a place to sleep…should she decide to make an early appearance. We’re getting a crib soon too. My thoughts are, and we’ll see how this works in real life, that she can sleep in the crib in her room for naps (so she is used to sleeping in a room by herself) and can sleep in our room at night. (Again, we’ll see how that really works.)

We had a midwife appointment today. We’re now on the every two weeks schedule. She said that babies weigh about 3 lbs at this point and that starting now they start to gain weight based on heredity. Quentin and I were both pretty small babies, so I’m hoping that plays in our favor. 🙂 I’m so curious to see what she’ll look like and if she has hair or not…all the little details. But I’m happy that she’s still cooking and hope she stays in for the full recommended amount of time!


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