the best tomato!

the best tomato!
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Seriously. It was so good.

I started having hot flashes this week. The first one was during our Tuesday morning meeting at work. The room was a bit stuffy and I suddenly overheated and broke out in a sweat. Wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out or throw up so I snuck out of the room. Didn’t realize it was an actual “hot flash” until it happened again today (twice, during my teeth cleaning!). I had to have the hygienist sit me back up a couple times so I could cool down and feel normal again. She was really sweet and brought me cold water and gave me a wet paper towel to put on my neck and forehead.

We had our first childbirth class tonight! My favorite thing I learned is that the baby is actively working during the labor to find the best way out. It reminded me that I won’t be the only person going through the labor – that we’re working through it together as a team. And it was nice to practice some labor postitions with Quentin. He’s going to be a great labor partner!


One thought on “the best tomato!

  1. Darling girl w/a belly! Meghan and I had tea yesterday and she told me about your blog so I’ve been catching up on your experience. What a brilliant idea. With our wedding website and the responses we’re getting, I’m learning quickly that blogging is a great way to be more connected to those you don’t always get to spend as much time with as you’d like. Technology gets a check mark in the positive column on this account. Now I have all kinds of fun facts about what you’re going through and I’m pretty darn tickled about it. You’re lookin’ good, real good and round. Hi to

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