Antique Expo recap!

sweet mice

Originally uploaded by totinette

This weekend was the fabulous antique expo! My friends and I have a tradition of going and trying to make it through the whole thing…and enjoying a soft pretzel (which we actually didn’t have this time!). This summer expo is apparently the largest in the nation – it fills 3 exhibition halls plus an outside area with vendors. The outdoor booths have lots of great affordable stuff, while the fancier more collectible things tend to be inside. Luckily we made it through all the outdoor booths just as it was getting uncomfortably hot!

My new thing is to take pictures of things I like (and find interesting) instead of buying them…unless I feel like I have to have them! I really don’t need any more clutter in my house and am not a big fan of dusting anyway. Quentin appreciates this tactic as well!

There are more photos on my flickr…including a couple of the scariest thing I saw at the expo!


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