Baby Shower #1

with mom
Originally uploaded by totinette

My lovely friends Catherine and Erica threw me a baby shower on Sunday. For this one we invited the ladies of my family, family friends, and a couple girlfriends who are friends with Catherine and Erica. (We’re having another one later with boys allowed hosted by the Super Crafties for our friends in Portland.) It was a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed seeing everybody. I hope they had fun too and didn’t mind being sandwiched in our living room! Catherine and Erica whipped up some very delicious food! (They’re both way better cooks than I am!)

The baby was spoiled with so many cute things…she’s going to be one stylish little lady! I had fun putting all of her new clothes and super cuddly blankets away last night (after I got over my 5 hour migraine. ouch). My mom and I are going to make thank you cards this weekend so I can start sending them out. Fun!


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