34 weeks!

34 weeks!
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The time is just flying by! Week 33 was hard. I had 4 migraines in 3 days and spent most of the week hiding out at home with the curtains closed. I’ve had tension headaches off and on ever since, but that’s way more tolerable than a migraine! My secret anti-migraine regimen is that I started drinking a little bit of caffeine throughout the day and that seems to be keeping my blood vessels more normal. I’m not proud of it, but something had to be done! I felt like people were judging me at the farmer’s market yesterday as I walked around with my can of coke, but you know what? When they’ve had 4 migraines in 3 days and can understand how painful and debilitating it is, then we can talk. Until then, they can all buzz off.

So this week is going much better so far (knock on wood). I do feel like I’ve hit a point where all I want to do is sleep and drink ice water…although right now I’d love to get my hands on some potato salad.

You can really feel the baby’s body parts now when she sticks them out. Tiny feet and hands, a cute little bottom, and very pointy little elbows! It’s wild and crazy and fun.


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