36 weeks!

We’ve now hit 36 weeks! Woah! Next week the baby is considered full term. I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow for the first time since before Christmas, so I’ll take this week’s photo after my hair cut!

I’ve been feeling pretty good – headaches aren’t as bad, which is nice. Energy level is so-so, but I seem to be getting the most important things done (just not as much as I’d like…which is pretty usual for me). The past three days were scorching hot and I couldn’t do anything but drink ice water and sweat on the couch. Today feels much better! We got the crib put together and the baby’s room is coming along well! I need to get frames for a few prints and then we can start hanging things on the walls. We seem to have most of the essentials taken care of, although there are a few things we’re going to get to fill in the gaps. I can’t believe we’re going to have our little lady here with us sometime in the upcoming weeks!

Tiny load of laundry #3 is currently in the wash. I just love doing itty bitty laundry. I’m sure the novely will wear off when I’ve done 100 loads, but load 3 is still fun.

My waist is now 11″ larger than usual. Wow!

Today I was craving Sweet Tarts. I know that’s not a healthy snack, but I’ve really been into tangy things the past few months.

The vomit count has been raised to 4 as of last Sunday before Crafty Wonderland (although it was really more of a spit-up than a vomit – sorry for the details!). I should know better than to brush my teeth immediately after downing a glass of milk. yuck.


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