the 36 week photo

36 weeks!
Originally uploaded by totinette

taken today…my hair is a little weird because of the rain…

We had a midwife appointment today. It was with one of the midwives that I hadn’t met yet. Apparently she felt I’m not gaining enough weight (even though everyone else has said my weight gain is on track). She was very suspicious of my eating habits and asked me if I’ve ever had problems with food. I thought she meant problems with my weight, but realized later she was asking me if I’ve ever had an eating disorder. Does it look like my belly isn’t getting enough to eat?! Because that baby sure gets bigger and bigger all the time! Just look back at the photo from 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I will try to gain some weight before my appointment next week, but I promise I’m eating plenty. You can ask anyone in my office and Quentin – they’ll all tell you that I eat all the time.

In other news, the baby is still head down and moves a lot. She’s a busy girl.


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