crazy pregnancy craving

At about 6:00am in my sleepless state after a trip to the bathroom I had a sudden craving for a chausson aux pommes. (This is the second time in my pregnancy that I’ve had that craving.) For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a pastry filled with tart yummy applesauce.  I tried to go back to the sleep, but the baby was doing some good morning aerobics and I knew that if I fell asleep at that point I would be extra groggy and tired when my alarm went off about an hour later. Plus, I have a lot to do today…and am I making good use of my extra morning time? Probably not. Oh well. Anyway, back to my story…So I laid there, thinking about the chausson aux pommes and how if I was in France I could walk out my door at 6:30am and find a boulangerie around the corner where the pastries were hot out of the oven. But I’m not in France, so I got up, went over to our neighborhood Safeway, and picked up a tiny roll of crescent dough so I could make my own with the delicious organic raspberry applesauce that I found at Albertsons the other day. That wasn’t the wisest choice of dough (next time I’ll try phyllo), but hey, it was 6:30am. It’s still pretty good and seems to be hitting the spot. Mine certainly aren’t as pretty as the one in the photo, though!


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