38 weeks!

38 weeks!
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This photo is from last Tuesday (we’re now at 39 weeks!). My midwife appointment last week went well. I had gained 2.5 pounds since my visit the week before so there was no speculation about my eating habits. (Must have been that entire box of blueberry muffins I ate with butter over the weekend! Mmmmm…I want more.) I had some super mega nesting going on last weekend too (not this past weekend, but the one before). I was running around the house jumping from project to project feeling like I was racing against the clock. (Crazy urgent feelings like, “I have to clean the bathroom right now!”) This past weekend I was feeling much more relaxed . Rachel said I must have gotten all of the important things done.

Things are certainly moving in the labor direction, although there’s no way to predict when the little lady will make her big air-breathing debut. I’ve been having painless sporadic contractions off an on throughout each day since last Tuesday afternoon. Last week I was dilated 1.5cm. Sometimes when I lay in bed my hips ache a bit, like they’re spreading farther apart.

The anticipation of wondering when the baby will come is exciting! Kind of like a secret surprise Christmas. You know it’s coming, but you don’t know when.


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