I’m ready!

The past couple days I’ve had a really hard time concentrating on anything. There are plenty of things I could be doing (jewelry, sewing projects, and work related), but I just can’t seem to get myself to focus long enough to do them. Then I realized it’s because I’m waiting…and waiting is an activity. (If you’ve never noticed how preoccupied you are when you’re waiting, pay attention next time you’re waiting for someone to come over or pick you up – it’s impossible to do anything that takes longer than a few seconds.) I’m just waiting to have the baby and constantly wondering when she’s going to come. And you know how when you’re waiting for something it seems to take longer? So today and this weekend I’m going to try really hard to work on my projects and focus on some other things.

It’s funny because I always hear about how women hit a point where they’re like, “Get this thing out of me!” and while I certainly don’t feel like that, I just feel ready to have her. For a long time I thought I would be sad when my pregnancy was over because it’s been such a wonderful experience overall, but it’s true that no matter how much you enjoy being pregnant you just hit a point where you’re ready to move on to the next thing, which is meeting the little person with the pointy elbows!


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