The Super Colossal is Coming…



Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #2: Go Ergo


There’s no shortage of baby carriers out there, and I have yet to try them all, but I can tell you that the Ergo baby carrier is phenomenal. What I love most about it is the thick band that straps around my hips, supporting a good portion of the baby’s weight and giving my aching back and shoulders a rest. They also make an infant insert to use with the pack for the first few months of your baby’s life and Matilda just loves it. Every time I put her in there she falls asleep and it’s so nice to have her with me so we can move freely around the house. Maybe you’ll be lucky like we were and receive an Ergo as a gift, but if not, it is highly worth the investment!

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!


Sound the trumpets! It’s the 3rd Thursday in November, which means the new Beaujolais has arrived! The year I lived in France we went to a little winery in the Beaujolais region to celebrate the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau. We tasted the new wine, played games, and had a grand old time. Some of you might be surprised to find out that I was one of the least drunk people on the bus. I hardly drank at all. You see, I get carsick…and the road was quite windy. And I was afraid that wine + bus + windy road = barf, so I  took it easy that night. But I do have some good photos of my friends enjoying the wine! Too bad my scanner is broken.

Here’s a little history of how the Beaujolais Nouveau celebration began…in case you were wondering.

Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #1: Leaving the House

I’m new at this whole mommy thing, so I thought I’d share all sorts of stuff that I’m learning with you! My first tip for all the new mommies and mommies-to-be out there is about leaving the house for the first couple times. Matilda and I had our very first solo outing 2 weeks after we came home from the hospital. (Yes, it took me 2 weeks to actually leave the house, and boy, did it feel good! I totally drove slower than a granny, though!) We went to BiMart for some supplies, to the video store for candy and some 30 Rock, and then to the library to drop off a book. In the BiMart parking lot, some a**hole honked at me to move out of the empty parking space I was standing in while fixing Matilda’s hat. It was cold and windy and I was not about to let my new baby’s head get cold on our first outing. I was so angry at the insensitivity that I didn’t dare lift my eyes. I knew the look on my face said, “I would kill you with this glare if I could.” Rude people aside, we had a wonderful first adventure and just running a couple of errands really helped me build my confidence.

So here are my tips for you:
* Keep it short, sweet, and close to home (you’ll be much happier about it if it goes smoothly, and not too far from home in case it doesn’t)
* Make sure your baby has a full tummy and a clean diaper before leaving. This should buy you at least an hour of happy or sleeping baby.
* Pack your diaper bag like a girl scout. You probably won’t need an entire change of clothes for the baby, an extra blanket, 2 burp cloths, or 5 diapers, but it will help you feel more relaxed about leaving if you know all your bases are covered.
* Each small outing you go on will help build your confidence for longer outings!
* Have fun!!

Spaces I Love: ink & peat


Welcome to my new blog segment, Spaces I Love! Do you ever walk into a place and think, “Gee, I wish I lived here!”? Yes? No? Well I do. And I happen to think that quite often. So… Spaces I Love will spotlight some of my favorite places, which, when put together would make up my ideal dwelling.  

To kick things off, let’s start with something we won’t have a lot of here in Portland until next spring…natural light! I love when the sun floods a room with so much light it gives an ethereal feeling. Combine that light with the smell of plants and fresh flowers and you’ve got yourself a little slice of heaven. Yes, friends, I have always wanted a sun room. A small room surrounded by windows, filled with plants and a bench covered in pillows. A place to lounge and read books and drink tea until the sun goes down.


If you could bottle up my ideal sunroom and turn it into a shop, you’d have ink & peat, a light-filled relatively new place on N Williams that sells lovely decorations, stationery, and gifts in addition to their amazing custom floral arrangements. I was first introduced to ink & peat’s inspired floral design on the Street of Eames modern home tour in April and let me just say, “Wow! This lady’s got a lot of talent!” She’s got a great eye for retail too. I felt like each object in her store was carefully chosen and magnificently displayed.  Be sure to visit ink & peat if you haven’t already. You’re sure to find all kinds of earthly delights!