Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #3: Prioritize Your Heart Out!

adorable hat by Knot Ugly,
adorable hat by Knot Ugly,

One thing I learned very quickly after Matilda was born is that the duration of nap time is ever changing. It’s hard to say just how long I’ll have both hands free at once. Sometimes I dawdle and take too long doing silly things and then run out of time before I can make myself lunch. Other times I go through tasks with lightning speed and an “it’s now or never” attitude. 

So here’s my tip for you new moms to keep yourselves sane… decide what is the ONE most important thing on your to-do list each day and make it your goal to get it done when you have your hands free. (Maybe your #1 is to take a nice shower and actually blow dry your hair! Some days it should be…it feels like such a luxury now!) When you do have both hands free, if you have the choice between two tasks, always start with the most important in case you run out of time. You can also choose a couple of extra tasks to focus on if you get your #1 done, but don’t beat yourselves up if you don’t make it to items #2 and 3 on the list. Remember, you’re taking good care of your baby and that’s your real #1 priority! (And much more fun than checking things off your to-do list!)


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