button it up book events!


If you live in Portland, don’t miss Susan Beal’s events for the release of her fabulous new book, button it up! 
Her website has more info!


button it up!


My friend Susan’s new book button it up is now available.  It’s a beautiful collection of craft projects using buttons. There are so many cute ideas – everything from jewelry to housewares! Be sure to check out my Vintage Costume Earrings on page 76!  The funny background story is that Quentin had to secretly glue them for me because I was pregnant with Matilda, but hadn’t told anyone yet…so we all had a hand in it! Read more about the book and Susan here!

Handmade Nation tickets on sale!


Get your tickets for the Portland screening of Handmade Nation, the indie craft documentary! It’s playing at the Museum of Contemporary Craft on Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th! They’re expecting it to sell out, so don’t wait. Click here to read more about the event and buy tickets. I can’t wait to see it…and see some of my friends on the big screen! 🙂

because I’m dorky like that

So Quentin is a total sneakerhead. (For those of you who don’t know what that is, and I certainly don’t expect you to, it’s a person who is really into sneakers, collects them and is always up on the latest trends.) He has some sneakers that he considers “evening wear” and will only wear them for special nights out. Others sit in boxes as collectibles. He’s always bringing home new shoes and, honestly, a lot of them look really similar to my untrained eye. When he shows me his latest acquisitions I often say, “Don’t you already have a pair like that?” I’m totally lost. And you know what drives him crazy? I’m so unhip that I call all types of athletic shoes “tennis shoes”. It’s become a joke around the house and apparently now at Quentin’s office too. (He works in the skateboarding department of a major shoe company.) Glad I could provide everyone with a good laugh!  I’m trying really hard to incorporate the word “sneakers” into my vocabulary, but I sort of enjoy the look on Quentin’s face when I refer to them as tennis shoes. ;)And on that subject, I just received a text that a new pair is coming my way this evening!