How to cut a mango

My first attempt at cutting a mango went horribly wrong. We ended up with more of a puree than actual pieces of fruit to eat. Quentin was so grossed out by it that he wouldn’t eat it. Thanks to the internet, my second attempt went so much better! I said to Quentin, “I’m going to pause your music now so I can watch a video on how to cut a mango on YouTube.” And he looked at me and laughed and said, “Oh…there should really be a book about you!”

So the next time you’re ready to cut a mango, I highly recommend these videos:


Today’s Grandma-ism


as in, “Stop grabbing my fanny!” or “playing grab-fanny”

Yes, I actually used the word fanny recently in a sentence.

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If photos could talk…


gay sailors

In honor of fleet week, I thought I’d share this sailor photo that Cathy and I came across recently in a vintage shop. (please excuse the poor quality – the photo was taken with my phone.) We got a super good giggle out of it! As a lover of vintage shots of sailors, I must say I’ve never come across one quite like this!  The guy on the right looks like a total cassanova and has likely bedded many a sailor. And as Cathy put it perfectly, the guy on the left has a look on his face that says, “Hey, I was just lonely.”  Oh man, wouldn’t you love to hear the story that goes along with this? Apparently we weren’t the only ones who found it interesting…I went back to the same shop with Quentin yesterday to look at dining tables and the photo was gone!

Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #6: The Drive-Thru is Your New BFF.

drive thru

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I don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve eaten at Arby’s and Burgerville since having Matilda. (Definitely more in the past 8 months than I ever have in my life!) But when you’re lugging a baby in a carseat everywhere you go, taking her in and out of the car, it really does a number on your back! Each stop on my errand trips is carefully considered and only the most necessary triumph. Enter the brilliance of the drive-thru. I can go to the bank without getting out of my car…get some coffee or tea…a snack…lunch…you get the idea. And you know what I really wish existed? Drive-thru post offices! (or atleast a drive-up stamp dispensing machine)

art on shoes!


Quentin commissioned these hand painted Nike SB Dunks (or as you know I like to call them, “tennis shoes”) from the very talented Martin Ontiveros. They started out as a blank white pair of shoes! Check out the additional photos and description on ebay…and bid bid bid! These are an amazing collector’s item, so don’t miss out on your chance to own a great one of a kind piece of artwork.

Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #5: Add Some Color

You want to know how to look more awake than you feel? Blush! Or as my Grammy calls it, Rouge!  Not one to generally wear a full face of makeup, I kept trying to put on more and more eyeliner to look alive, but it turns out that blush is a girl’s best friend. (as recently discovered in the makeover from tip #4) I’m using one from Nars that does triple duty – blush, eyeshadow and lip color.  It comes in a stick so it’s portable and you don’t need any brushes. How handy!

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Crafty Wonderland!

Check out Crafty Wonderland’s latest mix of 40 talented artists and crafters this Sunday! Bring Mom and enjoy it together or come shop for that special last-minute gift! While you’re there, you can make a fun pop-up card at the free DIY Table.

Crafty Wonderland
Sunday, May 10th from 11am-4pm
at Doug Fir Lounge (830 E. Burnside, Portland, OR)
FREE, All Ages

Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #4: Splurge!

There’s nothing like months of sleep deprivation to make a girl feel schlumpy. Set aside some money and treat yourself to whatever makes you feel good…a makeover, a mani/pedi, massage, shopping spree, etc. (Or all of the aforementioned things!) I recently had my eyebrows shaped followed by my second ever makeover. (The first was just before our wedding.) I’ve been wearing the same makeup colors since, well…(ahem) high school. And I don’t want to be that lady who’s stuck in a time warp!  So I splurged on some nice new makeup with totally different colors and even if my husband didn’t notice until I pointed it out (and even then could hardly tell), it felt really good!  Now if I could just find someone to cut my bangs well.