Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #4: Splurge!

There’s nothing like months of sleep deprivation to make a girl feel schlumpy. Set aside some money and treat yourself to whatever makes you feel good…a makeover, a mani/pedi, massage, shopping spree, etc. (Or all of the aforementioned things!) I recently had my eyebrows shaped followed by my second ever makeover. (The first was just before our wedding.) I’ve been wearing the same makeup colors since, well…(ahem) high school. And I don’t want to be that lady who’s stuck in a time warp!  So I splurged on some nice new makeup with totally different colors and even if my husband didn’t notice until I pointed it out (and even then could hardly tell), it felt really good!  Now if I could just find someone to cut my bangs well.


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