Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #6: The Drive-Thru is Your New BFF.

drive thru

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I don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve eaten at Arby’s and Burgerville since having Matilda. (Definitely more in the past 8 months than I ever have in my life!) But when you’re lugging a baby in a carseat everywhere you go, taking her in and out of the car, it really does a number on your back! Each stop on my errand trips is carefully considered and only the most necessary triumph. Enter the brilliance of the drive-thru. I can go to the bank without getting out of my car…get some coffee or tea…a snack…lunch…you get the idea. And you know what I really wish existed? Drive-thru post offices! (or atleast a drive-up stamp dispensing machine)


3 thoughts on “Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #6: The Drive-Thru is Your New BFF.

  1. LOLOL!!! I totally relate to this post. I really try not to get drive-thru, but there was one two-week period that I went to Burgerville 3 times— the girl at the window actually recognized me! This baby-lugging thing has greened my driving habits- maybe I don’t need that coffee or pack of gum. Maybe I can just eat Ramen and a granola bar for dinner tonight instead of driving to the store with River and lugging that heavy car-seat around.


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