If photos could talk…


gay sailors

In honor of fleet week, I thought I’d share this sailor photo that Cathy and I came across recently in a vintage shop. (please excuse the poor quality – the photo was taken with my phone.) We got a super good giggle out of it! As a lover of vintage shots of sailors, I must say I’ve never come across one quite like this!  The guy on the right looks like a total cassanova and has likely bedded many a sailor. And as Cathy put it perfectly, the guy on the left has a look on his face that says, “Hey, I was just lonely.”  Oh man, wouldn’t you love to hear the story that goes along with this? Apparently we weren’t the only ones who found it interesting…I went back to the same shop with Quentin yesterday to look at dining tables and the photo was gone!


4 thoughts on “If photos could talk…

    • It was $95! And I really don’t have a good place to hang it.
      As for the layout, I’m just testing it out. I haven’t had time to customize it yet….and may never. 😉

  1. My husband and his brother are both in the us navy seabee’s. I would love a proffesional photo like this of them, thanks for the inspiration!

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