Listen: Pre-Order Kara Suzanne’s New Album!!!

parlor walls

Here’s the thing, folks. Kara Suzanne and I go all the way back to middle school. She has always had the most beautiful voice. I loved when she would sing and play her guitar for us, or when we’d go to the middle school choir concerts and she had a solo. She’s amazing. Her last album, Aumsville, is stunning. If you haven’t heard it, you can check it out here. Now Kara is hard at work on her latest album, Parlor Walls, and she needs a little help. She has the opportunity to produce the album herself and retain full creative license. Something all artists dream of, right? So if you pre-order Parlor Walls, you’ll assist in the production of the album. It’ll make you feel good AND you’ll get a fabulous new set of music to listen to. She also offers other contribution packages should you wish to help out even more. You can hear some new demo tracks here. (I really like Doses.)


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