I’ve spent pretty much the entire day trying to pick out fabric to make curtains for the baby’s room. After visiting 3 different fabric stores and lots of online searching, I’ve made a decision (and even ordered the fabric! yikes!). I had hoped to buy the fabric today (locally), but they didn’t have enough of it at the store. I also picked out a coordinating fabric to make cushions for my rocking chair, but didn’t buy it since I wasn’t sure at the time what I would end up with for the curtains.


work in progress

new rocking chair
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We made some really good progress on the baby’s room today. The paint is finished and everything is cleared out except a desk we need to sell on craigslist (anyone want a desk?) and the filing cabinet that needs to be moved downstairs. I even started hanging her cute dresses and outfits in the closet.

I just bought that rocking chair the other day off craigslist – I think it will look nice with the crib we picked out. I need to find or make some cushions for it. The little umbrella in the background is going to be hung up in the corner…when we get to the full decorating stage! (I’m planning on hanging things on the wall once all the furniture is in place.) I have lots of cute art picked out for her room – a lot of it is stuff we already have that I think would look nice in there, but we did pick up a new axelhoney print at Compound for her during First Thursday. It’s purty.

I’ve never decorated a room from scratch before and it’s really fun! We’re hoping maybe next summer we can make our bedroom pretty.

a mini vacation of sorts

so many colors at cargo

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When the travel bug strikes, but I can’t go anywhere, I like to take a little time out of my day to let my mind be distracted by pretty things. Sometimes that’s a trip to the art museum or a gallery, other times I just wander around in stores. I like the visual stimulation of looking at lovelies and find it very relaxing.

Today I had the sudden urge to go to Cargo. It’s a huge store that carries lots of beautiful imported furniture and decor. They have amazing displays. I was hoping to find a pink paper umbrella for the baby’s room, but my search continues. However, I have some nice colorful photos as souvenirs of my mid-day mini vacation.

high chair love

high chair love
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I had written down a bunch of estate/garage sales to hit around town on my errand running yesterday, but forgot to write down the times. At the end of the work day, I was heading home from way across town (in Friday rush hour traffic). Part of me was trying to be practical saying, “If you skip that last rummage sale and just go home, you won’t have to drive 80+ blocks through traffic and you’ll save some gas. And besides, you don’t even know if it’s still open.” But I just couldn’t go home. I felt the need to drive all the way out there just to see. And if I hadn’t, I would have never found this little gem of a high chair that looks so cute in our vintage kitchen. 🙂 The best part? It was only $15.

Design Inspiration: Lisa Congdon’s plate wall!

my kitchen

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I have a big thing for vintage dishes and souvenir plates…so much so that my husband has cut me off from bringing home any more cups or glasses. The cupboards are full! My little collection of plates just sits in a silver buffet waiting to see the daylight. That’s why I love Lisa Congdon’s plate wall! What a fabulous way to display your collection and decorate your house at the same time! She’s posted a tutorial here, so you can create your own.