Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!


Sound the trumpets! It’s the 3rd Thursday in November, which means the new Beaujolais has arrived! The year I lived in France we went to a little winery in the Beaujolais region to celebrate the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau. We tasted the new wine, played games, and had a grand old time. Some of you might be surprised to find out that I was one of the least drunk people on the bus. I hardly drank at all. You see, I get carsick…and the road was quite windy. And I was afraid that wine + bus + windy road = barf, so I  took it easy that night. But I do have some good photos of my friends enjoying the wine! Too bad my scanner is broken.

Here’s a little history of how the Beaujolais Nouveau celebration began…in case you were wondering.