A Few Observations…

My daughter and I went ice skating at the mall the other day and I had a few observations.

1. It’s really hard to keep both yourself and a 5 year old upright on ice skates! Full body workout!

2. There’s nothing like witnessing a display of terrible parenting to make you feel better about your own skills. 

3. Boy, the mall is sure full of good people watching!


Why, hello!

I’ve been thinking lately that I might dust off this little ol’ blog and get it going again. Not for fame or fortune or trend-setting…I really miss having my own little space to share my thoughts. So here I am. Hello again, old friend.

Listen: Pre-Order Kara Suzanne’s New Album!!!

parlor walls

Here’s the thing, folks. Kara Suzanne and I go all the way back to middle school. She has always had the most beautiful voice. I loved when she would sing and play her guitar for us, or when we’d go to the middle school choir concerts and she had a solo. She’s amazing. Her last album, Aumsville, is stunning. If you haven’t heard it, you can check it out here. Now Kara is hard at work on her latest album, Parlor Walls, and she needs a little help. She has the opportunity to produce the album herself and retain full creative license. Something all artists dream of, right? So if you pre-order Parlor Walls, you’ll assist in the production of the album. It’ll make you feel good AND you’ll get a fabulous new set of music to listen to. She also offers other contribution packages should you wish to help out even more. You can hear some new demo tracks here. (I really like Doses.)

How to cut a mango

My first attempt at cutting a mango went horribly wrong. We ended up with more of a puree than actual pieces of fruit to eat. Quentin was so grossed out by it that he wouldn’t eat it. Thanks to the internet, my second attempt went so much better! I said to Quentin, “I’m going to pause your music now so I can watch a video on how to cut a mango on YouTube.” And he looked at me and laughed and said, “Oh…there should really be a book about you!”

So the next time you’re ready to cut a mango, I highly recommend these videos:

If photos could talk…


gay sailors

In honor of fleet week, I thought I’d share this sailor photo that Cathy and I came across recently in a vintage shop. (please excuse the poor quality – the photo was taken with my phone.) We got a super good giggle out of it! As a lover of vintage shots of sailors, I must say I’ve never come across one quite like this!  The guy on the right looks like a total cassanova and has likely bedded many a sailor. And as Cathy put it perfectly, the guy on the left has a look on his face that says, “Hey, I was just lonely.”  Oh man, wouldn’t you love to hear the story that goes along with this? Apparently we weren’t the only ones who found it interesting…I went back to the same shop with Quentin yesterday to look at dining tables and the photo was gone!

because I’m dorky like that

So Quentin is a total sneakerhead. (For those of you who don’t know what that is, and I certainly don’t expect you to, it’s a person who is really into sneakers, collects them and is always up on the latest trends.) He has some sneakers that he considers “evening wear” and will only wear them for special nights out. Others sit in boxes as collectibles. He’s always bringing home new shoes and, honestly, a lot of them look really similar to my untrained eye. When he shows me his latest acquisitions I often say, “Don’t you already have a pair like that?” I’m totally lost. And you know what drives him crazy? I’m so unhip that I call all types of athletic shoes “tennis shoes”. It’s become a joke around the house and apparently now at Quentin’s office too. (He works in the skateboarding department of a major shoe company.) Glad I could provide everyone with a good laugh!  I’m trying really hard to incorporate the word “sneakers” into my vocabulary, but I sort of enjoy the look on Quentin’s face when I refer to them as tennis shoes. ;)And on that subject, I just received a text that a new pair is coming my way this evening!

Strawberry Cravings

Well hello again! I took a little blog writing haitus to recooperate from the holidays, but I’m back! This year I’m interested in simplifying my life. Having a new baby has made me rethink what is important and how I’d like to spend my little bit of free time. I just moved all of my pregnancy blog (strawberry cravings) over here and will hopefully migrate my old livejournal account over here soon. That way everything except my real estate blog (which really needs to be separate) is here in one place! Simplified!

So if you’re pregnant (or interested in reading about someone who was), the “pregnancy” category should have all of the posts about my crazy cravings and ever expanding body.