Buy: Embroidered & Crocheted Jewelry by MOSS


I absolutely love these hand-embroidered necklaces by MOSS. They are so intricate and lovely…it’s like wearing a tiny piece of art around your neck. And you can’t beat the price either. The bee necklace (above) is only $25! She also does gorgeous crocheted jewelry too, like the adorable little acorn and stylish assymetrical necklaces shown below. Be sure to check out her etsy shop. If you live around Portland, try to catch her at a craft fair – she’s got more beautiful things that aren’t yet online!




Buy: Noelle Doodle’s Plush Animals + Monsters


These full of character plush creatures from Noelle Doodle make the best gift for babies and kids! They’re super soft and cuddly (and many of them don’t have any choking hazards like buttons or small attached parts). Matilda has a couple and just loves them. And she freaks out every time we see the Noelle Doodle booth at craft fairs. She’s a big fan! She was pining hardcore for the alligator shown below. Click here to visit her etsy shop.

p.s. Plus, Noelle is super sweet and it’s always great to support such a nice crafter.


Listen: Pre-Order Kara Suzanne’s New Album!!!

parlor walls

Here’s the thing, folks. Kara Suzanne and I go all the way back to middle school. She has always had the most beautiful voice. I loved when she would sing and play her guitar for us, or when we’d go to the middle school choir concerts and she had a solo. She’s amazing. Her last album, Aumsville, is stunning. If you haven’t heard it, you can check it out here. Now Kara is hard at work on her latest album, Parlor Walls, and she needs a little help. She has the opportunity to produce the album herself and retain full creative license. Something all artists dream of, right? So if you pre-order Parlor Walls, you’ll assist in the production of the album. It’ll make you feel good AND you’ll get a fabulous new set of music to listen to. She also offers other contribution packages should you wish to help out even more. You can hear some new demo tracks here. (I really like Doses.)

Buy: La Merde’s Fall Jackets!


Ahhh, Fall. The crisp, clean air. The crunchy colored leaves blanketing the ground. Mulled cider. New outerwear. Nothing makes me more excited for Fall than getting a new jacket! I think it calls up memories of heading back to school and chilly Friday evenings spent at high school football games.  And just in time to make my little heart swoon, La Merde has released a line of jackets for women – each one perfect in it’s own way. I think The Librarian in brown (shown above) is my first love, followed closely by Cadence, the lovely romantic pea coat (below). See the full collection and shop here.


Craft Fair 101


Cathy and I have decided to take everything we’ve learned selling at craft fairs over the past handful of years (AND what we’ve learned organizing Crafty Wonderland) and offer it to the public for a mere $35! We’re teaching a Craft Fair 101 class at DIY Lounge! Space is limited, so get your seat today!

Here’s the official class description:
Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced seller, this class will help you navigate the world of applying to and selling at craft fairs and give helpful insight from two ladies who have been selling at fairs for years and now organize and run a successful fair. Subjects that will be covered include:
* The application process – presenting yourself and your work well
* The dos and don’ts of booth layout
* Pricing your work
* Selling at larger national fairs
* Selling tips – credit card processing & how to maximize sales
* And oh-so-much-more!
Students will receive a printed handout chock full of resources, tips and secrets!

Saturday, 9/26 from 3-5pm
at DIY Lounge at Collage, 1639 NE Alberta St., PDX

Totinette’s New Mommy Tip #7: Keep Your Sense of Humor Handy!

For a while it seemed like every time I had Matilda loaded in her car seat and was (finally) ready to get out the door she would poop! Then I’d have to unload her, change her and get her back in the seat before we could go. I’m a believer that you can’t control everything that happens to you in life, but you can control how you react to it. When I’m in a hurry it’s natural to feel a bit frustrated at the delay, but really, that’s silly. Who cares if I’m a bit late? I’ve found the best way to react is to just laugh it off, deal with it, and keep going.

How to cut a mango

My first attempt at cutting a mango went horribly wrong. We ended up with more of a puree than actual pieces of fruit to eat. Quentin was so grossed out by it that he wouldn’t eat it. Thanks to the internet, my second attempt went so much better! I said to Quentin, “I’m going to pause your music now so I can watch a video on how to cut a mango on YouTube.” And he looked at me and laughed and said, “Oh…there should really be a book about you!”

So the next time you’re ready to cut a mango, I highly recommend these videos: