It’s BBQ Season!

what a sweet husband

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Aaaaah, summer is finally here! The season of backyard barbecues, good friends, lemonade, and the warm sun.


28 weeks!

28 weeks!
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We entered our third trimester on Monday! Yikes! The time is passing so quickly. September’s going to be here with the blink of an eye!

I’ve been feeling good. Finally mastered the art of rolling over in bed with a pillow between my legs. At first it took a lot of rearranging to get comfy again, which meant I had to wake up more every time I wanted to move.

favorite foods/drinks of the moment: raspberries, pringles, lemondade

Tigerlily & Tim Biskup at Grass Hut!

Tigerlily & Tim Biskup

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I’ve been really into children’s art lately…especially since I’ve been pregnant…so I’m really excited about the new show opening at Grass Hut Gallery next week. It’s artwork by Tim & Tigerlily Biskup. How cute is that?! Click on the image for more details.


I got a little note in the mail today from the midwife clinic that my bloodwork from this week showed that I’m slightly anemic. She had mentioned during my appointment that it’s common during pregnancy, which is why they test for it at this stage (I wasn’t anemic when they checked at my first appointment), and gave me a handout about it. So I have to take an iron supplement, which shouldn’t be a big deal, and maybe I’ll even have more energy.

a mini vacation of sorts

so many colors at cargo

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When the travel bug strikes, but I can’t go anywhere, I like to take a little time out of my day to let my mind be distracted by pretty things. Sometimes that’s a trip to the art museum or a gallery, other times I just wander around in stores. I like the visual stimulation of looking at lovelies and find it very relaxing.

Today I had the sudden urge to go to Cargo. It’s a huge store that carries lots of beautiful imported furniture and decor. They have amazing displays. I was hoping to find a pink paper umbrella for the baby’s room, but my search continues. However, I have some nice colorful photos as souvenirs of my mid-day mini vacation.

Small Business Series in July!

Crafty Wonderland

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My next series of small business classes for artists and crafters starts again on July 1st at the new DIY Lounge in Collage on SE Woodstock! If you’ve been thinking of taking your hobby more seriously, this is a great class for you! There are 4 sessions in the series (they can be taken individually): Getting Started, Marketing/PR/Advertising/Web, Stores and Sales, and The Final Steps. Read more about each of the classes here!

26 weeks

26 weeks
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Here’s a photo from this past Tuesday. Thanks Nani for the cute sweater! I got lots of compliments on my outfit that day!

Somebody asked me yesterday if I’d swallowed a cantaloupe. I thought it was funny. 🙂

I picked up a paint sample for the baby’s room and we’re going to test it out today. Fingers crossed that it looks like I want it to!

Haven’t had any food obsessions that I can think of, but I’m still really into peanut butter.